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The DJ at your venue is like the fondant holding the wedding cake together -- without it, the wedding lacks the authentic touch, flare, and structure that every memorable wedding venue should have. Whether you fancy an evening of classical ballads and ballroom dancing, or desire to turn the entire dance floor into a freestyle, hip-hop zone, keep in mind that music sets the mood

The light that illuminates the sheath of the veil, the smile passed between father and daughter, the white-toothed grin of the flower girl as she spins her way onto the dance floor -- all moments that can be made indelible with the skillfully timed click of a camera man. The right wedding day photographer will seek out the slivers of moments that embody the happiness

A “Meatless” Wedding: Why Going Vegan is Trending   In case you haven’t heard, veganism is all the rage. With new research coming forward suggesting that eating animal products is not only environmentally detrimental but also damaging to livelihood, thousands of people are making the choice to go meatless -- and almost as many choosing to deter from animal products altogether. Yet, when it comes to planning