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2019 NYE: Alice In Wonderland

“Every adventure requires a first step,” the Cheshire Cat said. Come to Hockwold Hall and make New Year’s Eve the first step to your new adventure in 2020. 

At this can’t-miss event, you will be taken down the Rabbit Hole and on the journey of Alice in Wonderland, complete with immersive decorations, live music by an incredible band, and food and drinks fit for a queen of hearts. 

Themed outfits and black tie dress are encouraged and even rewarded- we will be giving out prizes for best dressed! Is deciding an outfit making you a little mad (hatter)? There is a character for every personality- check out some inspiration below! 


Adventurous, Brave, Curious 


Witty and Relaxed

White Rabbit 

Loyal, Determined, Always on the move (and late!)

Cheshire Cat 

Mysterious and Helpful 

Mad Hatter

Fashionable, Loves tea, Unstable/Mad

Don’t be late, don’t be late, for this very important date! Register HERE now!