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Circus Themed Gala: New Years Eve 2017 Hockwold Hall

A Night at the Circus: New Year 2017 at Hockwold Hall

When first prompted by the idea for a circus themed NYE extravaganza, the owners of Hockwold Hall, were understandably dubious. The 15th century tudor-styled estate doesn’t exactly exude the qualities of the “ludicrous” or “flamboyant” — descriptors essential to a circus-themed gala. Yet, the Hockwold team pushed forward with the idea, excited by the prospect that the unlikely venue choice would be an unconventional hit. And, that it was. Owing thanks in large part to the copious number of vendors in the Norfolk area willing to contribute to the circus extravaganza, Hockwold Hall became the ultimate destination event for New Years 2018. Let us take you on a tour of the evening that enraptured all:


Circus Gala: New Years Eve


Winding through the garden, enter the marquee where the eye delights in a confluence of scarlet red and candy white hued tapestries lining the ceiling, effectively creating the “big-top” illusion. Be greeted by a skilled juggler while admiring meter-tall white floral arrangements that mimic the shape of bouquet sprout from the perimeter of the space, acting as the border for the lavish adornments at the center of the space. Take in the blue and red dashed table arrangements set upon white clothed rounded tables, piled high with balloons that form the centerpiece on each. As you do so, mind the elegant flamenco dancer, Abigail, as she twirls her way throughout the venue. Should you find yourself surveying Abigail’s performance safely from the sidelines, take heed to not let your guard down — Will, the towering stilt-walker, may just make an appearance. Turn your attention to the far corner of the venue where the ever elusive magician Ed Crafer (aka “The Norwich Magician”), stuns the crowd with his baffling tricks and timely wit. The Pendragon Circus in Cambridge surely understands the concept of delivering an impactful performance.


Pendragon Circus: New Years Eve Circus Gala

At this point in the evening your appetite should be piqued. Snacks are of plenty and come in the circus clown’s presumed favorites:  freshly popped popcorn, an array of sweets, and a candy floss cart. Save room for the main course, or rather courses. Choose from three different tantalizing meals such as the aptly named “No juggling these balls,” warm breaded cheese balls with a sweet chili dipping sauce, or “Quit clowning around,” a seared chicken supreme served with dauphinoise potato with a cider sauce. For the full menu listing, visit: http://www.hockwoldhallnorfolk.com/blog/new-years-eve-hockwold-hall/


Pendragon Circus: New Year Circus themed Gala Event

While dining, be sure that your gaze is cast upwards from the table for at least some time, or miss the swinging trapeze act by the above mentioned skilled performer, Abigail and her companion, Will. The performances persist well into the evening when the live music commences, sending guests whirling onto the dancefloor. The music, featuring the talented band Steroejacks, lead the guests into the grand countdown to the New Year. Their selection of tunes, ranging from 80s party classics, to today’s trendiest hits complements the dazzling motions of the trapeze artists. New Years, while centered around new beginnings, also pays remembrance to the years past. That’s why the band’s apt choice of “Hey Jude” adds a nostalgic ambience to the dancefloor. When dawn makes it inevitable appearance, and the circus comes to a close, guests meander through the expansive garden just outside the marquee, circus clowns, magicians, and tight-rope walkers in tow.