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Hot Tub: Hockwold Hall

Advice & Guidance for Hot Tub Users

Feel your stress melt away as you enjoy the well deserved rest and relaxation in our Hockwold Hall hot tub.

Seats: 8 adults max.

The high temperature of Hot Tub water (37 – 40 deg C) mean users need to take great care about how they use the Hot Tub, they will very quickly create an environment containing solids in which legionella and other bacteria can breed.

The Spa facilities are cleaned prior to every guests’ use.

*Outdoor access to the BBQ/Hot tub/ Sauna facility until 11 PM.



  • – Slippers or flip flops to only use in the sauna
  • – Towels
  • – Bathing-suit
  • – Hooks are located on the adjacent wall to hang your towels and items.



  • Remove all cosmetic products from your skin, self-tanner, lotions, oils, makeup and jewellery before
  • entering the hot tub.
  • Bathers must use the toilet and rinse in the shower before entering the spa pool.
  • Bathers must not use the spa pool if they have had diarrhoea within the last 14 days.
  • Bathers are discouraged from swallowing the water.
  • It is recommended that bathers do not exceed 15 minutes immersion at a time.
  • Bathers must not exceed the maximum number permitted in the spa pool (8 people).
  • Children are not unable to use the hot tub or sauna.
  • Babies’ nappies must not be changed besides the spa pool area.
  • No incontinent person may use the spa pool, either with or without a waterproof nappy.
  • It is recommended that the spa pool is not used after a heavy meal or while under the influence of alcohol or sedatives.
  • Intended users suffering from diseases of the heart and circulation, skin conditions, are immuno-suppressed, subject to fits, or taking drugs affecting the cardiovascular or nervous systems, should not use spa pools without first seeking medical advice.
  • Pregnant women are advised to consult with their doctor before using a spa pool.
  • PLEASE unlock the straps before lifting the lid. Put back down the lid after use and clip to locking straps back into place.This is what keeps the water hot when not in use and keeps the area safe for children.
  • DO NOT Jump into the water or play ball games.
  • DO NOT Sit, stand or lie on the lid of the Hot Tub at any time; or allow children on the lid.
  • DO NOT Use any oils, creams, soaps or any detergent in the water.
  • DO NOT Use glassware in the hot tub/sauna area. Plastic glasses are permitted.
  • DO NOT Eat food or smoke in the hot tub/ sauna area. Food may be consumed by the BBQ or gravelled dining area.
  • DO NOT Press more than one button at once (or it could be cold next time you want to use it). Use only brief pressure on buttons.
  • DO NOT Continuously press 'Lights'; On some Hot Tubs this can activate a 'Strobe' setting.
  • DO NOT Introduce mud, stones, sticks, grit etc into the water.



  • You use the Hot Tub at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for your safety whilst you are using the Hot Tub. You will be held responsible for any damage and any cost involved will be taken from your security deposit or credit/debit card.
  • If the Hot Tub/ Sauna becomes unusable during your holiday break due to your negligence, a charge.
  • £100-150 will be levied against your security deposit if you wish to continue to use the Hot Tub. This will cover the cost of emptying, cleaning, filter change, recharging it with water and chemicals and reheating it.


  • * Glass items are not to be used in or near the Hot tub / Sauna area for your safety.