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Bridal First Aid Kit

Bridal First Aid Kit

Weddings come with its random moments of last minute mishaps. Do not let these moments turn into dramatic upsets!  Stress less with these wedding industry recommend items to put you at ease with a solution to most mishaps and make sure things proceed as smoothly as possible.

Mobile speaker with iPod : to get you in a great mood play your favourite songs while getting ready!


Baby wipes

Chap stick

Straw: for drinking after your make up is done.

Extra pairs of nylons

Make up and nail polish for touch ups: clear nail polish is very useful to avoid those ladders in your stockings and tights.

Band Aids: for cuts or blisters from wearing heels.

Sunscreen: if you are getting married outdoors and abroad in a warmer climate. You don’t want to look pinkish or burnt in your photos.

Snacks, juice, water: in case you are too nervous to eat a good breakfast, to prevent low blood sugar levels.

Hair and safety pins

Hairspray: a light mist at a distance over your face can be useful to keep your makeup in place but makeup setting scary is best if you are organised to buy it in advance.

Double sided Tape: for last minute fixes on hems of dresses

Needle and thread: Mini sewing kits come with needles, threads, scissors, extra buttons and safety pins which are very useful for any wedding dress emergency.

Superglue: heels can break

White chalk: this is a trick to disguise smudges or smears on a dress. be sure to ask your bridal boutique for emergency dress advice, they have lots of tricks.

Umbrella: check the weather and best to be on the safe side you don’t want your hair and make-up to get ruined.

Deodorant and perfume

Insect repellant/wipes: in case you are having an outdoor wedding and have unwanted bugs taking over the wedding.

Stain remover stick /wipes: lifesavers.

Tablets headaches: there is always someone who needs these!

Nail file/clipper

Mint/Chewing gum: make sure you have nice breath before walking down the aisle to kiss your future husband. Remember to take our the gum before the ceremony 😉

Wifi code for the venue- so many people will ask for this to upload photos on Facebook or to check scores of the game…

Eye drops, piriteeze, meds- just in case, with emotions running high, anything is possible.

Tampons/sani/ liners: you just never know when mother nature will visit.

Q tips to remove makeup that can collect in the inner eye corner.

Ballet Pumps or flip flops: wearing heels all day might become uncomfortable, have a back up pair of shoes to dance the night away in. There is no need for pain on your wedding day.