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Choosing your Wedding Shoe: Some Staples of Shoe Selection

The bride’s ensemble should reflect the intrinsic beauty of the wearer herself. While the gown itself may be the main attraction, the crowning jewel to her dazzling persona are the shoes that carry her. Understandably, many brides forsake wedding shoes either assuming that their effect is eclipsed by the dress itself or, perhaps, they want to skimp on this sector of the budget. Such misguided assumptions are the reason that, when it comes time for the big day, many brides become victim to the unfortunate effects of donning an unenchanting pair of shoes. So next time you consider being churlish about the matter of your ‘chaussures’, consider these simple staples of shoe selection.


Your shoes should be a reflection of your dress, not the main selling point. Yes, this is indeed a paradox: though a pertinent pair of shoes is essential to the overall look, they should not be the point from which the bride’s entire look is based. This is, of course, the gown. If your gown is elaborate, swathed in crystals, for example, choose a pair of shoes that are simple and chic. If on the other hand,  your dress is a lithe, sheer slip with little embellishment, feel free to add that extra ‘pop’ by choosing a set of heels that stand out – perhaps with a unique adornment or a dash of colour. Yes, indeed, as brides continue to sway further and further from the traditional, adding a flare of colour to your stilettos is the ideal way to do so. Oftentimes, that subtle touch of eggshell blue, for example, that peeks its way out of the hem of an alabaster gown, is the perfect compliment to the brides particular aesthetic.


So what happens if your ideal set of shoes are not on the market? The only obstacle to finding the perfect design is a lack of imagination. This is why so many designers exist that specialise in doing just this: actualising the adornments of your dreams. Sonia Brown, for example, founder and designer of Le Soulier, has devoted her art to crafting shoes that add the aesthetic flare that is particular to her client’s personal style. If the bride herself has a visualisation of what she’d like to see, designers such as these are the tools they use to bring their vision to life. So the bride with the rather eclectic taste should not fear lack of options: a bedazzled set of converse, red-hot pumps, or a vibrant velvet hued flat are all fair game in the shoe arena.


With all of these alluring design options, it is easy to forget practicalities.  While the aesthetic intricacies of the shoes may be alluring, many forget that, albeit fashion is obligatory to wedding planning, discomfort is not. When it comes to shoe selection, this may indeed be the only area where the phrase “beauty is pain” is exempt. Those dazzling stilettos with the pointed toe may seem invaluable when first seen, but 12 hours later, the aching blisters may not agree with that lack initial insight. So, choose a shoe that has the ability to compliment your gown, while also being kind to your feet. More often than not, designers let you take your shoes for an initial trial period. Wear them around the house and see if they pass the one hour test without any foreseeable blistering. As an alternative, for custom designed shoes, get your feet measured so that you can be sure to find shoes that fit properly. And, as the last solution, do not fear flats. There are countless options available for those who want to go sans heel that does not forsake charm. In respect to shoe selection being pragmatic isn’t optional; it is essential to consider comfort.

An uncomfortable set of shoes is not the only travesty to be avoided, a prudent bride should also consider terrain.  A pebbly walkway or mucky lawn can wreak havoc on stiletto wearers. Luckily, most venues offer solutions to such predicaments in the form of walkways or carpets laid out upon the bride’s path. However, the bride should always check with their venue beforehand to ensure that all arrangements are in place.


With these basic necessities in place, there is nothing that should inhibit the bride from dancing the night away in her ideal set of stilettos, flats, or an unorthodox choice such as converse, perhaps. Afterall, a bride who can move freely is a bride that possesses the most sought-after look of all: natural grace.


Written by: Meghan E. Ingraham