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For the Entertainment Seekers: A Guide to the Norfolk Area

For those planning a wedding within Norfolk who are dubious about what the area has to offer in terms of entertainment, do not be deceived by its pastoral charm: the area is anything but lacking venues for your amusement. The Norfolk area offers a rich and nuanced history, but today it is also a draw for foodies, thrill seekers, and the eclectic family alike.


The most picturesque town within Norfolk must be awarded to Bury St Edmunds. With findings dating as far back to 633 AD, with the founding of a monastery by Sigebert, the quintessential English village is a treasure trove for history buff or the trained antique collector. Be sure to stop into Harriets Tea Room for a proper high-tea in a nostalgic venue featuring plush furniture, and subtle details that validate the tea-rooms authenticity. After tea, wander through High Street, drifting in and out of the eclectic array of novelty shops that line the street. Wishing to pass more than just a few hours in this idyllic town? Look no further than Tuddenham Mill, the intimate boutique hotel and restaurant that has been a favorite of the area for many years.


Albeit Bury St. Edmunds is anything but lacking in quintessential English charm, it may be rather disappointing for those seeking something a bit more thrilling as the center-point of the post-nuptial festivities. In this case, Cambridge offers a plethora of venues to keep anyone amused. While most would, quite rightly, label Cambridge as a stodgy, albeit, venerated university town, the bustling student community has sustained a pub culture that caters to students and outsiders alike. To make the most of your night start with a meal at The Old Bicycle Shop — formerly Britain’s oldest bike shop, the building now features a modern restaurant and bar. Cosy up with after dinner drinks at Hidden Rooms, an intimate cocktail bar featuring curtain booths and a “sunken garden.” For live music, look no further than the popular student hang at Portland Arms where you’ll find the latest local bands and first-class bar service. Of course, after the festivities are over, one must find a place to sleep. The Edwardian style estate, Harry’s Bed and Breakfast, has been a long time local favorite for its convenience in terms of proximity to the city center and its charming aesthetic appeal.


Of course, sometimes families, especially those with members younger than 12, require entertainment that is a bit more catered to the needs of the latter. Luckily, the Norfolk area, outside of offering pristine countryside and nature-centered activities that all members of a family, both young and old, relish, has also seen the proliferation of business in the entertainment industry in the recent years. Take Xtreme360, one of the largest trampoline park in Norfolk — an attraction catered to all ages. If soaring over a sea of trampolines is too deadbeat for your libertine tastes, do what all thrill-seekers do and register for a skydiving session. Should the real thing be a bit out of your comfort zone, try the next best option: the synthesized experience. iFLY UK offers indoor skydiving courses, the nearest located West of Cambridge in Milton Keynes.


Should other members of the family not share the same ardour for the extreme, the zoo always proves to be the best democratiser. The nearest and most popular choice is Banham Zoo, about 40 minutes away from Hockwold. This award winning zoo, has carried on a legacy since its inception in 1968, and is now home to 2,000 animals including the beloved red panda. You can visit its main site at www.banhamzoo.co.uk to purchase tickets in advance. Should you still have energy after spending a few hours at the zoo, the Norfolk Botanical garden, just a short drive away, makes for a wonderful addition to follow the visit to the zoo. If Norfolk is known for anything, it is the areas saturation of natural beauty and the hommage that it pays to that beauty in venues such as the botanical garden. Should you and your party want to make an entire day dedicated to the outdoors, a leisurely stroll through Holkham National Nature Reserve along the seaside, or horse spotting at Hillside Shire Horse Sanctuary, is sure to make the nature enthusiast satisfied.


Whether young or old, thrill seeker or antique hunter, nature lover or bar frequenter, Norfolk is never short of venues to cater to each individual’s fancy. Should you wish to pursue events at your own leisure, more activities can be found at: https://www.dayoutwiththekids.co.uk as well as https://www.explorenorfolkuk.co.uk/things-to-do-in-norfolk.html .