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Civil Ceremony

Getting Married in Norfolk: Civil Ceremony, Duo-Ceremony

Getting Married in Norfolk

Congratulations on your engagement! You have now chosen to get married in Norfolk with a civil ceremony at one of the many beautiful approved venues in this beautiful county.

Before getting too excited and jumping straight into your wedding planning, firstly you will need to select your perfect wedding venue. Norfolk has everything from rustic barns to stately homes and everything in between. 

Once you have found your wedding venue, set a date and time for your ceremony, book a registrar to perform and register the marriage for you. Your venue should be able to help you with which office you need to contact.

Be sure to book your registrar as soon as possible as without them being available, you will have the grand celebrations but you will not be legally married. Be flexible and have more than one day and time in mind as ceremonies are booked on a first come first served basis. 

To get your chosen date and time, you should make sure your Registrar is available before booking your venue. It is best to not to pay your deposit for the venue until you have done this.

Fees will vary between £250-£500 depending on weekday, weekend, or holiday bookings.

The Legalities

If you are both UK citizens, you will need to give notice in the district(s) in which you live. You should do this no later than 10 months before the date of your wedding. The rules have recently changed, once you have given your notice there is no need for the two of you to remain at the same address you were living at when you gave your notice.

Your notices will be displayed on a public notice board in a registrar office during a period of 28 days.

At your notice of marriage appointment, you will be asked to bring documents to confirm your identification. When you book your appointment, the registrar office will notify you as to what is required, likely a passport, birth certificate, decree absolute, death certificate or divorce documents of a former spouse (if remarrying), change of name document, and a current change of address.  

There will be fees that apply for the notice of marriage.

If you are Non-EU citizen or subject to immigration control, you will need to arrange your notice of marriage appointment and waiting period could be up to 70 days

The Ceremony

The civil ceremony that must be held in an approved licensed venue,  indoor or out, and can be traditional, grand or as simple and intimate as you wish.

There are legal words that will be exchanged but you can personalise the ceremony by writing your own vows and promises to one another. Selection of music during the entrance, ceremony and signing, will be subject to pre-approval to ensure it is appropriate and you can include friends or family to read poems or prose- readings, poems, promenade music must not have any religious content. 

Legally you need two witnesses to sign the register with you.

Marriage Celebration Ceremonies ( Garden Ceremonies ) 

Outdoor Garden ceremonies can be held in a non-licensed venue, from a family garden to woodland or a beach setting that closely mirrors an actual marriage ceremony.

In order for this ceremony to be legal, you will need to complete a short legal ceremony at the registration office first either the same day or a few days beforehand, followed by your ceremony at the chosen wedding venue.

There are obvious weather and logistical issues to consider with outdoor ceremonies, but mother nature willing, your venue and the ceremony team will work together deliver this option for you.

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01603 222 645

If you are planning a duo ceremony or a ceremony in a licensed outdoor structure you need to complete an agreement form, this can be downloaded from the Marry in Norfolk website. 

Return the form when you are making your provisional booking, giving notice or when you tell them of your ceremony choice.

The process in quite simple, the legal process of the marriage is carried out in a licensed room, followed (or preceded by) a ceremony outside in the grounds.

For more information and to contact a ceremony team member:



0344 800 8020