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Outdoor wedding ceremonies

Getting Married Outdoors

Weddings and Marriages in NorfolkMarrying Outdoors: The Advantages and Disadvantages 

Garden Ceremonies (or Marriage Celebration Ceremonies) are growing in popularity and what better way to make a statement to make as a couple! There are many reasons why couples chose this option, some work and live abroad will choose to get engaged and have their legal ceremony in another country (as logistically it is often more complicated and costly to ask guest travel far abroad) and return home to the UK or at a destination that acts as a happy middle point for travelling friends/family to host the marriage celebration ceremony. Couples often find this alternative more personal and even brings a touch of adventure.

Before hosting your dream open air wedding, here are few things you will need to know before getting married.

The legal ceremony will have to be held in the registrar’s office ahead of time as the ‘official and legal’ ceremony in front of your two witnesses, which can be held a few days, a month or even a year before your actual celebration ceremony day for some couples. You may dress as casual or as formal as you wish for this registrar ceremony, some people even turn up dressed in jeans!

Once the formal paperwork and ceremony is complete, you may then get married outdoors pretty much anywhere your heart desires, but your registrar will have to view the premises first to make sure it is suitable to host the celebration ceremony. 


– Beautiful surroundings and atmosphere for both the celebration and for the reception drinks, the natural light often makes for amazing photographs. 

– Depending on the location,there will likely be ample space for a larger guest list, than an indoor venue with limited seating capacity.

– This is a family-friendly option, it is often more entertaining for children and allows more freedom rather than being constrained indoors.

– Can help reduce the need for elaborate and expensive decor and flower arrangements


– It is a two-step process, going to the registrar office and then hosting the celebration afterwards, but hardly an inconvenience.

– Heavily weather dependant. The bride and groom and their registrar are under the cover of the arbour during the ceremony but your guests will be exposed to the elements; sunshine or rain, sometimes both.  Ensure your guests are dressed to cope with this. (chilly or hot) Equally, if it is very hot, the bride and groom might find themselves perspiring more than they would like to…

– Your plans may have to change at the last moment. A bonus is if the outdoor ceremony and the backup indoor reception room are close by. Should mother nature provide light showers, most venues will have spare umbrellas but remind your guests to dress and accessorise accordingly.

– Bugs/Birds: flies, mosquitos, bumblebees, or midgies. Make sure to have big spray handy for your guests. There have been rare occasions where birds have left droppings on guests attire.

– Although it is usually very quiet, external noise beyond the venues controls:  noisy aeroplanes, cars, bird callings etc

– Depending on guest numbers and the direction of the wind, it can sometimes be difficult for all guests to hear every word spoken by the bride, groom and registrar, therefore ask the venue if they can set up mobile speakers and microphone system to ensure all guests can hear the ceremony clearly. 

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