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Hockwold Hall: Bridal Beauty Tips

Every bride wants to look their best for the special day. If you are considering a dramatic makeover before your wedding, think again! Changing your look too soon before your wedding day could become a big mistake… think of it simply as a more ‘enhanced version’ of yourself. Below are some common tips from bridal makeup artists and beauticians:

Bring photo examples of the bridal look you are going for for your makeup trial. If you are doing your own makeup, be sure to practise a few times and take a picture of the final look to see what it actually looks like. The camera and flash will naturally make you look paler, so you can go a little darker on your makeup. There are also many blogs and professional video tips online to guide you.

If you are having a professional doing your bridal look, have your trial 3-5 weeks before your wedding, this applies if you are getting a fake tan before your wedding day as you need to see what colour your skin will become with the tan.

Wear a white top (or whatever coloured top your your dress is) so you can get the best idea how the makeup will look on your skin against your dress colour. Take a picture of what you look like in the daytime to see if you are happy with how you look. Makeup is supposed to accentuate your features, some brides over indulge on this occasion or allow the makeup artists takeover and create a full makeover often creating a very dramatic look that is very different to their normal style. You don’t want to surprise your husband to be, friends and family by turning up looking like someone else. Stick to what you are most comfortable with, again think of it as a more polished version of yourself.

Emphasise your eyes by brightening them with corrector/ concealer, softly groom and pencil your eyebrows to define them (match your hair colour) and consider professionally put on individual fake lashes as they look more natural, they really make your eyes stand out and create that lovely fluttery look. Have the lashes done a few days before the wedding to adjust to the feeling of them. Wearing fake lashes also comes in handy should you start feeling emotional as they do not run like mascara. If you opt out of the fake lash option, using waterproof mascara and an eyelash curler can help finish off your bridal look. Charcoal, navy, or mahogany are often good options for eyeliner as black or brown may look too severe, especially if it is an outdoor or daytime wedding.

Add a dash of colour with blush on your cheeks .For fairer skin, pink tone will work and those with deeper skin tones may consider a rosier hue.

Consider regular facials before the big day will ensure a smooth, glowing completion. Avoid having a facial too close to your wedding week. Cleanse, moisturise and use a primer before applying your foundation for that flawless look. If you have a dreadful blemish or breakout, don’t pick at your face as it will heal better if you leave it alone. In the case of a HUGE pimple, see if a dermatologist can give you a cortisone injection that will shrink the pimple instantly!

Consider the climate of what month you are getting married. For instance with hotter climates, consider oil free products and that the foundation of choice isn’t caked on. Check that your T Zone is matte during photos, fine translucent powders or blotting sheets are useful as this will prevent your from looking shiny. Remember to apply your foundation with a brush or sponge if you are doing it yourself instead of your fingers as this can leave bacteria, finger prints, and less of an even finish. Avoid using foundation on your decolletage as it can stain your beautiful wedding dress.

Put on your makeup first and your dress last, this may seem like common sense but in our experience have seen brides do it wrong and stain their dress with makeup or even nail polish.

Clear the room of anything that can get stained or simply do the makeup in another room.

Any items you think might leak, fall put in a tray to prevent spills onto clothing or carpets to avoid losing your damage deposit because of an unwanted stain. Best to do makeup in an easy to clean area like a bathroom or kitchen, try to avoid carpets. Put the dress on last. If there is need for last minute touch ups, make sure to cover the dress with a towel. An interesting fact: 90-95% stains and marks can likely be removed at the dry cleaners if they are not played with or rubbed in.

Be sure to have your nails done the day before, or consider a hardwearing option with gel or uv nails which are less likely to chip. Some brides go acrylic, ask your salon if they can provide a little extra glue in case a nail breaks off before the big day or buy a little tube as a back up. The same applies should you buy your own false lashes and apply them yourself, be sure to have back up glue should they begin to un stick.

There are lots of safe ways to whiten your teeth if this is something are are interested in doing,there are many reliable over the counter teeth whitening systems now which whiten teeth a few shades or you can opt by doing it professionally if the budget allows.

Have a member of your bridal party bring your ‘bridal emergency kit’ including makeup for touch ups later on the the day/evening. If you have a good primer on as a base, your makeup will stay in place better. Oil absorbing sheets are a great solution should you not want to keep piling on powder, lip liner, lip stick will need re applying a few times during the day. Q tips are handy to clean out any makeup that can gather in the inner corner of your eyes. Eye drops in case your eyes get red and allergy medicine could be a lifesaver too should your or someone else’s allergies decide to flair up. Carrying an SPF sunscreen (especially if it is an outdoor wedding) is useful. Even if the weather is overcast, you can find yourself looking pinkier than expected.