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Marquee Weddings in Norfolk

Marquee Weddings

Marquee weddings bring the freedom to have your wedding reception celebration anywhere your heart desires. They can cater to both intimate or large numbers of guests.

Marquees are becoming a popular solution amongst brides and grooms, as they lend themselves so well to creative and unique decorating.

What is there to love about marquees? 

Marquees provide a great open, light space and blank canvas for you to decorate in your own style.

They offer flexibility to have your wedding at your ideal location. Even the choice to host your wedding at home in your garden or on the farmer’s meadow down the road. For health and safety purposes, it is recommend to have a stable base and getting permission from the land owner first!

Music lovers can bring the feel of a music festival to their special day with the added bonus by situating the marquee in an area away from the public, with no noise concerns the party can take full swing.

Marquee weddings doesn’t mean a cold and damp tent. Marquees are manufactured to a higher standard being weather proof and available with heating or cooling systems, lighting options, and many extras. Marquee weddings can be just as or even more luxurious as indoor venue.

At night, bring the marquee to life and provide a magical atmosphere with ambient lighting inside and out.

For DIY weddings, marquees provide the perfect opportunity to work within your budget. You can go as small or big as you need to.

Dreading the idea of portaloos? Look at companies that hire luxury toilets and you will be amazed how elegant a portaloo can be, equipped with CD/DVD players, TV, posh hand soap and cream and more…

Oh, and none of that cheap looking blue bleach in sight! Select the right portaloo solutions and your guests will not be complaining about the toilets at your wedding.

Outside catering- You have flexibility with your catering partner as many venues only offer access to their preferred vendor. You now have the freedom to have your favourite food at the price you want.

Found your perfect venue but they can not cater for your sized wedding party? In that case, ask if the venue have the grounds for a marquee and if they would be open to hosting it on their land. 

Looking to do less traditional? Tipi style is different or a medieval style tent, is another option, there are simple many options to cater to your needs and desires.