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Rolling in, In Style

You’ve finally managed to work your way into your wedding dress or tux, pull your hair into a style that resonates none less than perfect, and both bride and groom are impeccably poised for the day ahead. Now, comes the question of the means of arrival — a proceeding that cannot be any less impressive than the bride and groom themselves. The vehicle of transporting the soon to be newlyweds must reflect the elegance of the event to come. We’ve selected a few options that will get the job done while ostensibly emulating style and class:

For the bride to be…

Rolls Royce

This classic beauty resonates traditional elegance, without appearing too ostentatious. For a truly original appearance, we suggest the Rolls Royce Corniche.


Combining dynamic driving ability with attention to exquisite quality expressed in every detail, no other vehicle will deliver more than Bentley. For a car that seamlessly  marries performance and luxury, we suggest the Mulsanne Range.

VW Bug

For an unapologetically charming car through and through, the VW bug is a classic. With this efficient beauty you can’t  go wrong with any model, but we suggest the epitome of the classic bug: the original 1965 Beetle.

For the groom to be…

The Tumbler from Batman

Care to add a touch of Hollywood flare upon your arrival? Do so in none other than the legacy itself. No description necessary.

The Delorean

Otherwise known as the “Back to the Future Car” this cutting edge sports car is sure to magnify the entrance of any groom seeking to add a truly original component to their arrival.

A-Team Van

Equipped with a flat-screen tv, special lighting features fixated under the seats, and high end speaker system, this iconic and internationally recognized van is sure to make a statement. It is also available exclusively for wedding rental.

Written by: Meghan E. Ingraham