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Summer Weddings & Price Tag

The Summer months are a popular time for wedding bookings in the UK. With price tariffs reflecting this, sometimes being up to double the amount of a winter wedding , But why do Summer months attract so many brides and grooms despite the bigger price tag?

Being a bride who choose to marry during peak season , I did not mind paying extra. We wanted an outdoor ceremony and being in the UK summer made the gamble for nicer weather more possible in the summer months, and although you still worry the weather may not be kind it gave us some reassurance, that with a summer wedding we had more chance of sun.

Nice weather allowed the guest to use the grounds of the venues gardens, bring a relaxed (beer garden) feel to the day. Which suited us more than a religious or posh indoor ceremony and reception.

Being able to bring the party outside, allowed children to enjoy the grounds (including the big kids) and not get under everyone’s feet, the evening was warm which allowed the decking area to be lit with lights creating a romantic atmosphere to the day.

Its important to choose the right wedding venue, as allowing the guest to be both inside and out can mean a split of guest, as some wonder away from the party and offers crowd near the venues shade.

We managed to find the perfect setting, all the garden was in view with a lovely decking seating area so you felt like all your guests were part of the whole day.

Another positive of nice weather and an outdoor area allowed guest to enjoy a nice glass of bubbly and canapés on the lawn while all the group photos took place. This was a great added point, as it made us not worried about bored guest, crammed into one room before they could move in to the wedding breakfast area.

With the day before our wedding, being a heat wave we were then given the worry that maybe this summer wedding was going to be to hot, making it uncomfortable for all our guests being in the open air and heat.

We had elderly relatives concerned they would not be able to attend if this was the case… Funny how you worry about the cold wet weather and it doesn’t even cross your mind that it could be too hot.

But luckily the weather angels were on our side and it was a lovely comfortable summers day, with beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

Oh and we even got a drizzle of rain for a few minutes in the evening, but nothing anyone really noticed.

So to summarise why we pay more for a summer wedding, it is all to do with how you want to plan your big day. Summer ticked all the boxes for us, so we allowed the extra budget to go on the venue and then made savings where possible on items that we could create ourselves, rather than pay the high price tags for everything.

So don’t be put off by the price tags on your dream venue on a summers day. Know your budget and work with it, when one item rises look at ways to reduce other costs.

Opening the venue to the outside can help reduce costs on entertainment during the day or décor as the outdoors provides the perfect setting without all the glitz and glam.

Just remember enjoy the planning part of your wedding, what ever the weather.