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The Giving of the Rings

The Giving of the Rings

Wedding rings are a truly symbolic part of your wedding day and sign of commitment as Man and Wife.

if you have not given much thought about how you want to approach the giving of the rings, here are some ideas;

For those of you who like to keep it simple, delegate the task to your best man and his trusted pocket. No fuss, just the trust that your best man has remembered to bring them!


A cute alternative is having a pageboy walking down the aisle as your ring barer. Get creative with how the rings are presented, it doesn’t have to be a simple cushion. This box idea is perfect for a rustic or vintage themed wedding.

Mans best friend: 

Include your pet in the ceremony as your ring bearer. Some have even had a donkey walk down the aisle as both flower and ring bearer. If you decide to go with an owl,make sure it is a well trained to avoid any disruption to the ceremony.

Consider a family heirloom or item that is unique and represents you as a couple to present your rings.

These are just a few or many ideas that may provide you with some inspiration. Although small, it is an important item that sometimes gets forgotten in the planning of a wedding.