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Vegan Wedding Catering

A “Meatless” Wedding:

Why Going Vegan is Trending


In case you haven’t heard, veganism is all the rage. With new research coming forward suggesting that eating animal products is not only environmentally detrimental but also damaging to livelihood, thousands of people are making the choice to go meatless — and almost as many choosing to deter from animal products altogether. Yet, when it comes to planning a wedding, the skeptical bride may wonder if committing fully to vegan catering is too extreme or controversial for some guests. We are here to tell you that a vegan wedding plan is completely doable and allows for just as much, if  not more, variety and aesthetic flare than a meat inclusive dinner scheme ever could. Think of your vegan wedding as an introduction to vegetarian eating for your guests, and perhaps, for yourself. If there was ever an opportunity to prove how equally fulfilling and delicious meatless eating can be, it is through your wedding. The act of enjoying quality food together at a special event such as a wedding, has the power to incite real change in people’s dietary perspective.


The first and most essential step to planning a meatless wedding is finding a seasoned caterer that specializes in vegetarian cuisine. A good caterer should be flexible and visionary in assembling a food arrangement that complements your wedding venue, guests, and does so with style. A renowned company, Cashew Catering, with branches in London, Kent, Brighton, and Sussex, offers exceptional wedding fayre from “Smoked tofu & avocado nori roll with ginger pickle” to Baked halloumi & aubergine mini skewers with chive aioli* for appetizers and “Asparagus, chestnut mushroom, caramelized onion & parmesan tart” and “Spanakopita – crisp layers of filo filled w spinach, feta, mint, chilli & pine nuts.” Other companies like Shambhu’s and Fairfoods in the Devon area, and Greens Vegan Catering also work with the same natural, organic aesthetic using only the best quality ingredients on the market. You caterer should be willing to customize to your needs so choosing a catering company that has experience specializing in vegan options eliminates stress from your planning agenda and ensures that the catering quality and design scheme will be actualize the vision you have for your wedding.


Perhaps the most paramount edible arrangment of the wedding, is the wedding cake. For those who don’t want to compromise aesthetic appeal for meat free ethics, wedding cake design is highly complementary to veganism.One would imagine it to be difficult to find a bakery that specializes in animal free products. However, with veganism becoming wildly popular, it is anything but. The Heavenly Cake Company in Cambridge prides itself in creatic truly exceptional wedding cakes that look as scrumptious as they taste. It’s remarkable what whipping together substitute ingredients such as fruit preserves and coconut oil for moisture and soya milk for texture can do to create a cake that tastes as authentic as the traditional wedding cake.
Outside of food alone, there are endless ways that you can integrate the organic and sustainable concept of veganism into your wedding. From working with locally run businesses that pride themselves on using sustainable and ethically farmed ingredients, to choosing a naturally set venue that complements the ecologically friendly ambience you want to project, veganism is a lifestyle choice that is highly conducive to planning your dream wedding. Pleasure and elegance do not have to be forsaken by the choice to veganize your special day.


Written by: Meghan E. Ingraham