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In today’s fast-paced, technologically driven world, sometimes even those who are adamant against engaging in the social network buzz may find it beneficial to consider social media platforms for sources of wedding inspiration. No other social media platform offers more creativity and range of expression than that of Instagram. With more and more artists, writers and photographers using it as an outlet for publicity and bolster for their business, Instagram holds a mirth of sources for wedding related inspiration. We’ve selected a few particularly enticing accounts — each, like the eclectic range of an artist’s work, offer a unique template that caters to the taste of any bride.


BRIDES Magazine, (@brides) one of the most familiar bridal Instagram accounts, offers a plethora of wedding related inspiration. From romantic couples photography, to the latest wedding dress designs, BRIDES will check every box off your wedding planning agenda.


Twigs and Honey (@twigsandhoneyofficial )showcases ethereal photos of adorned elegance, appealing even to those uninvolved in wedding planning. This account renders as artwork rather than a business platform, with the photographers visionary photography theme accentuating the exquisite beauty in the smallest details.


Loverly, (@loverly)  the UK based account, exudes a contemporary English pastoral feel – gossamer dresses, flowers in hair and men in clean-cut suits. Featuring gorgeous rustic cakes and romantic quotes set against pastel backdrops.  


Rose and Ruby (@roseandruby_com) caters to those seeking elegance in every seemingly minute detail — from the stationary to every emblem featured on an accessory. The 1940s floral prints and retro doilies, subtle shades and gold embellishments, adheres to the fundamentals of the refined wedding.
Nadia & Co. (nadiaandco), the Toronto based cake company, features every assortment of wedding sweet imaginable. This eccentric cake designer does it all — from lush, Rococco inspired florals to the simplistic, white elegance of the traditional fayre.