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Nothing says wedding speech disaster more than the long, pregnant pause that follows the misinterpreted inside joke; or, worst of all, the subtly imbued sexual innuendo that was not so subtle after-all when received by the bride's Granny -- just one of the unfortunate victims to the failed wedding speech amidst the sea of uncomfortable listeners. Please, for the sake of other wedding guests, do

For those who find the simplicity of a forest setting to be as enchanting as that of an ornately decorated marquee, the Festival wedding may perhaps be the ideal venue for your wedding celebrations. The festival wedding is all about the effortless charms -- so often found in nature. For this reason, the decor itself should appear to be an extension of the natural setting

Feel your stress melt away as you enjoy the well deserved rest and relaxation in our Hockwold Hall hot tub. Seats: 8 adults max. The high temperature of Hot Tub water (37 - 40 deg C) mean users need to take great care about how they use the Hot Tub, they will very quickly create an environment containing solids in which legionella and other bacteria can breed. The

Nothing says traditional like the gossamer sheen of a white veil. While trends fluctuate, and style conforms to context, the veil will always remain timeless. Traditionally, the veil has always alluded to purity; a layer of white brilliance that with the words, “I do,” is thrown back, actualizing the marriage. Today, while the symbolic resonance of the veil may have less relevance, it is still

The growing trend for celebrant-led wedding ceremonies is catching on, as couples increasingly look for something a bit different from the norm, free from the constraints of a formal civil ceremony – and we’re excited to be a part of it! Everyone is individual and their wedding day should reflect this. That’s where we come in. We’re former registrars with over 14 years’ of experience between

Your bridesmaids are not just your wedding day support crew; they are the women you hold dearest in your life. They are the ones who held your hand through all of the difficult times and made you laugh when you needed to the most. The term "bridesmaid" may only be temporarily applicable, but "friendship" is forever. To honour your dearest friends, you want to present them

The DJ at your venue is like the fondant holding the wedding cake together -- without it, the wedding lacks the authentic touch, flare, and structure that every memorable wedding venue should have. Whether you fancy an evening of classical ballads and ballroom dancing, or desire to turn the entire dance floor into a freestyle, hip-hop zone, keep in mind that music sets the mood

The light that illuminates the sheath of the veil, the smile passed between father and daughter, the white-toothed grin of the flower girl as she spins her way onto the dance floor -- all moments that can be made indelible with the skillfully timed click of a camera man. The right wedding day photographer will seek out the slivers of moments that embody the happiness

A “Meatless” Wedding: Why Going Vegan is Trending   In case you haven’t heard, veganism is all the rage. With new research coming forward suggesting that eating animal products is not only environmentally detrimental but also damaging to livelihood, thousands of people are making the choice to go meatless -- and almost as many choosing to deter from animal products altogether. Yet, when it comes to planning