Welcome to Hockwold Hall


  •  Hockwold Hall: Welcome Pack for Rental Guests



Hock wold Hall is an exclusive family friendly country retreat with so much to offer. A place of genuine care for our guests. We pledge to provide a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambience which instils well-being and comfort.


Hockwold Hall is a stunning Grade II listed house, parts of which date back to the 1500’s with 17th-century additions. It has riveting history, once being the home of Prince Duleep Singh, godson of Queen Victoria. We have included a brief of Hockwold Hall’s history into your information pack.

We ask that all our guests respect the integrity and show care during their stay.



38 Station Road

Brandon, Norfolk

IP26 4HZ




*An extended check out time may be purchased at a rate of £250 per hour, when available.





Concierge Brett: 07564 529145


House Keeping  Jodi: 07546 225277


Guest Services Manager

Richard: 077390 88686 or 07561 105825



Emergency: 999





For smaller intimate groups, Hockwold Hall has sufficient parking in front of the hall on the gravel drive only. Please do not drive or park on the front drive grass tear drop.


For large groups, we have ample FREE parking for your guests located in an adjacent field, walking distance from the Hall.





Press the top bottom of the grey fob device provided to open the main gate and the second button for the second gate next to the church. There is a bit of a delay once the gate is open, other cars can come in up to 20 seconds after you. Be sure to watch the gate as it closes before driving off.


The gates are linked and operate by telephone as well from the hallway desk. To open from the comfort of the hall, press a line, then select ‘front gate’ (the long drive gate) or ‘back gate’ (near the church) and then press 3 to open/close. There are red dots located on the phone with basic instructions.


Alternatively, you can meet your guest at the gate with the fob to manually open the gate.




The WIFI code and password are located in the kitchen on a teapot themed chalkboard.


Wireless broadband (WiFi) is available and is provided free of charge.

Bring in the countryside, we cannot guarantee the connectivity at any given time, however, we endeavour to maintain the hardware and connection.


If there is a fault with the hardware provided (wireless router) we will give support and maintenance. We cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the speed at any given time, Broadband is a variable “best efforts” service, which means it is shared between many users and open to fluctuations in performance. If the fault is deemed to be with the guest’s hardware/devices, support will not be available. Please do not download movies or other content on our network and agree to use such services in a responsible manner and not for any illegal purpose.





Operated by a Lutron computer programmed system. Press the top first left button to open the room lights, and the top first right button in toilets to open the bathroom lights.

In some rooms, there is a third section of buttons in the bathrooms, the top button should turn on those lights. Should you press another button, it will turn on/off other lights in the room or hallway. There is no wrong way to go about it. It is a bit of a trial and error we find it works especially well when trying to scare family and friends once you figure out how to control certain rooms 😉





A deep clean of the property and fresh bedding is made before your stay by our housekeeper.


We ask the space be cleaned and returned as it was hired. Any damages or extra cleaning

services beyond the normal wear and tear will be levied against your security deposit.


If you require extra chairs, tables, crockery, cutlery, etc… please request these no later than

24 hours in advance. Extra charges may apply otherwise.


There is an extra £25 cleaning charge when using the outdoor BBQ facility.





As parts of the house date as far as the 1500’s, and the carpets are in good condition despite their age, we kindly ask you to protect the integrity of the carpets by removing your shoes while in the house, please.





Hockwold Hall is equipped for parties and we encourage social events. Our team do reside at the premises during private hires/events and request your consideration with noise levels. Use of our outdoor facilities and music must cease at 11:00pm and indoor music cease at 1AM.





Hockwold is linked to a borehole. We recommend using the water for showering, washing dishes and cooking, but not as your primary drinking source. You may have to let the water run for a few minutes to relieve sediments and for water to heat up as it is an old property. Please help yourself to the filtered water from the fridge and ice dispensers and/or the water bottles provided to you.





There is a large woodpile beside the side door area should you need extra logs. Alternatively, you can contact an on-site representative who can drop off the baskets by the door or restock the fire places during your stay when needed. You are welcomed to use the Esse fireplace in the kitchen, the dining hall fireplace, and the lounge fireplace.


Live flames pose a risk to the protection of the building’s heritage, we ask that should you wish to create a romantic candlelit ambience, we can provide LED waxy replica candles or LED votives are permitted instead.





The system is very sensitive. Should it go off, note which room it is responsive to and have a look to make sure that there are no issues The override code is: 4444. Select MENU, then press 4444, select silence buzzer.





In the winter, try not to let the furnace inside go out as it is tricky to reignite the fire. It is best to fill it up every five hours and right before you go to bed. You may do this yourselves or with our on-site representative may assist you. The surface of the oven will be very hot — please be VERY careful!  Always use a fire retardant glove provided beside the Esse and fireplaces.


There are an electric oven and hobs which are easier to use beside the Esse.

Press and hold the on button symbol and then select oven or hob setting.

Use the + or – to turn up or turn down the heat levels on the hob.


Remember to turn off the hob and oven after using it.





The dishwasher is cleaned before your stay with us and is located across from the sink (facing the kitchen table side)which is blended in as a cupboard. Please rinse your plates of heavy food waste prior to loading into the dishwasher. Product are left for you to use beside the dishwasher cupboard.





You are welcome to self-cater during your stay with us. Alternatively, SHEFS and their fantastic catering team have over 15 years experience catering for intimate and large events. They can offer a variety of menus from stunning three or four-course meals to sumptuous picnics, hog roasts & BBQ’s, afternoon tea or something out of the ordinary!  They work with a variety of budgets and can also provide all glassware, cutlery, crockery, napkins and washing up in their package.


SHEFS: Mark/Sharon



Phone: 01842 819 803


Mobile: 07739 404 179

Mobile: 07761 155 678





We actively promote recycling. Please dispense your garbage and recycling in the specific bins provided beside the house side door entrance.






The washing machine and dryer are cleaned before your stay.

The dryer is a condenser model which means the water container below needs to be emptied after a few loads, otherwise, it will automatically turn off.

Open the bottom storage door, take out the water container, empty and reinsert into the dryer.


Turn the dial in the YELLOW numbers which represent the time to dry.





For extra linens and towels, please ask our housekeeper who can come and change linens for you halfway during your stay. Her name is Jodi and her contact details are located on the first page of this document. You can find her in the house/cottage adjacent to Hockwold Hall.





Smoking is not permitted indoors. If you would like to smoke, please utilise the space at a 25-foot distance away from the building’s premises. This is the law under the Grade II protection postulates.





The tennis court lights switch is located near the dining hall back door into the garden. It is on the right side of the keypad, and is the 3rd button to turn on the night flood lights. We have placed a red dot sticker on the light pad as a reminder.


The outdoor garden lights are located on the second-floor closet located beside Elveden bedroom, the switch is labelled ‘garden lights’. Only turn on if necessary and be sure to turn them off when not using them. Thank you for understanding.





We have a 5 acre walled garden which is spectacular in the summer when in full bloom. and surrounding 35 acres of land with a running trail. You are welcome to walk the ground and enjoy the tennis court on a mild day, relax in our sauna, hot tub and use our outdoor propane bbq facilities.


*Outdoor access to the BBQ/hot tub/ sauna facility is until 11PM.

Please be sure to read the users manual provided to you.


Maximum capacity: 7 guests in the Sauna/ Hot Tub. The excess weight of guests in the hot tub will cause damages to the hot tub and extra charges will apply.


A member of our team will show you how to use the hot and sauna and additional detailed information and health and safety document about the use of the Sauna/Hot Tub area is also provided to you. Our hot tubs are kept disinfected and pH levels are monitored daily and periodic water sampling and change is



– Glass items are not to be used in or near the Hot tub/Sauna area.

– It is recommended that bathers do not exceed 15 minutes immersion at a time.


  • Bathers must not wear lotions, oils, makeup or skin creams in the spa pool.
  • Bathers must use the toilet and shower before entering the spa pool.
  • If you or any of your guests have any health issues or are pregnant, please refrain from using these amenities as the NHS advise to avoid them because of the risks of overheating, dehydration and fainting.
  • Children are advised not to use these amenities.
  • If the Hot Tub/ Sauna becomes unusable during your holiday break due to your negligence, a charge between £100-150 will be levied against your security deposit. This will cover the cost of emptying,
  • cleaning, filter change, recharging it with water/chemicals and reheating it. Reheating takes approximately 3 days.





  • The outdoor BBQ Facility is operated by propane tanks. Should you need assistance, please ask someone on site. There is an extra £25 deep clean charge after using this BBQ facility.





The Red Lion Pub

114 Main St, Hockwold cum Wilton, Thetford IP26 4NB

01842 829728


The New Inn Pub

50 Station Road, Hockwold cum Wilton IP26 4JA

01842 828668


The Chequers Pub

36 Hill St, Feltwell, Thetford IP26 4AB

01842 827200


The Wellington Pub

27-29 High St, Feltwell IP26 4AF

01842 828224





Bloomsberries Cafe

Christmas Hill Farm/Station Rd, Brandon IP27 9AB

01842 861144


Siam Sabb- Thai

11 Market Place, Mildenhall, IP 28 7EF

01638 490517



Brandon Tandoori Indian

17 London Rd, Brandon IP27 0EL

01842 815874


Monzas Place Indian

Great Eastern Hotel, High Street,

Brandon IP27 0AX

01842 337080


Kings Garden- Chinese

37 High St, Brandon IP27 0AQ

Phone: 01842 813033


Peach Bower- Chinese Takeaway

8 Market Hill, Brandon IP27 0AA

01842 811131


Mon dragone Italian

14 Market Hill, Brandon IP27 0AA

01842 814944


Taste of Italia- Italian

11 High St, Mildenhall IP28 7EQ

01638 563626


Cheers– Steakhouse & Vegetarian-Friendly Options

3 Whitehart St, Thetford IP24 1AA

01842 337086


Sumo Sushi- Japanese/Sushi

33 Market Pl, Mildenhall IP28 7EF

01638 428185


Green Box Sushi

32 High St, Lakenheath, Brandon IP27 9JS

01842 862688




Fine Dining Experiences


Tuddenham Mill, chef Lee Bye has created a relaxed fine dining menu in the tranquil setting of the old mill.


Alimentum – Cambridge, chef Mark Poynton has a relaxed Michelin star restaurant with innovative flavours and creative techniques.


Midsummer House – Cambridge – this restaurant by Daniel Clifford is one of the top restaurants in the country, simply Devine food and near perfect service with two Michelin stars.


Maison Blue – Bury St Edmunds, Pascale the chef-owner has created a simply beautiful restaurant which most chefs themselves prefer to eat at, stunning fish dishes and the best service that even the Michelin guide commented as being near perfect.


Peas porridge – Bury St Edmunds, this relaxed bistro set in a terraced house in the back streets of Bury St Edmunds is fantastic for organic and raw wines plus upmarket bistro food, being on Michelin bin gourmand for several years chef Justin Sharpe has hit this hole in the market perfectly.


A Day Trip Guide


            For those seeking a countryside escape, Hockwold Hall offers the epitome of pastoral tranquillity merged with the regal charm of the Victorian estate. However, if Hockwold charms begin to lack the adventure you crave, there are a plethora of activities just outside its walls. From nature loving, adventure sports enthusiasts, to the steadfast equestrian, the East-Anglian area is anything but lacking excitement. We have left a few brochures of activity ideas for you. Here are some additional suggestions:



For the unconventional yet alluring draw of vintage antique shops, to the trendy mega-stores that Bury Saint Edmunds is a fundamental stop. Tantamount towns like Ely and Cambridge also boast the same appeal.


If you fancy a quirky yet homely afternoon tea experience visit the award winning Peacocks Tea Rooms, a family business: set up in their home overlooking the river in Ely.

Peruse the endless aisles of antiques at the neighbouring Waterside Antiques with historical items ranging from the eclectic to fine elegance.


Offering a delightfully traditional afternoon tea experience is Harriets Tea Rooms based in Bury St Edmunds. Immensely popular destination for residents and visitors, Harriets welcomes you with a grand entrance, high ceilings adorned with Chandeliers, and a pianist playing on selected afternoons.



Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds area offer a range of fine dining experiences featuring an eclectic range of authentic cultural cuisine. For more local dining:

Italian, a universal favourite, we recommend Mondragone Italian and Taste of Italia. For the more eccentric Indian cuisine, Brandon Tandoori Indian is a local favourite. Other notable businesses are Siam Sabb Thai in Mildenhall, Peach Bower Takeaway Chinese, and a more eclectic Brazilian experience at Cheers. For after dinner drinks the Red Lion Pub or The New Inn is a must.


Local Equestrian Centre

Located only 9 minutes from Hockwold in Lakenheath, Brandon is the friendly Apollo Riding School who offer introductory assessment sessions for a discounted price of £35 for 40 mins.

Longer 50 min sessions for £45. Call: 07881415346, ask for Emma Spencer.


20 miles west of Ely, the family run stables of Sedgeway Equestrian Centre offers guidance from astute, experienced trainers with quality horses. Listed as a “British Horse Society Approved Riding School,” the stables caters to all levels of riders. If you care to drive a bit further, the South Cambridgeshire Equestrian Centre is renowned for its services.


Into the Wilderness

For meandering pathways and a vast diversity of wildlife to keep the avid birdwatcher at ease, nearby Elveden Forest has it all. We recommend Centre Parks — offering 400 acres of stunning pine woodland and interactive activities within its home base such as the “subtropical swimming paradise” within its renowned water park. Be sure to take a gander through the world-famous “Brecs” and marvel at the diversity of bird species that have made within the lowlands there for centuries.


A Day at the Spa

Aqua Sana Spa with nearby Elveden country shop is conveniently located in the Elveden Forest area. After a lovely stroll and bird watching in the Fens, enjoy a relaxing trip to this wildly popular retreat.


A hole in one

For a £25.00 day rate pass, the locally distinguished Feltwell Golf Club will satisfy undoubtedly satisfy your golfing appetition. Feltwell Golf Club also holds an interesting history —  vacated by the RAF in 1963 to provide basic clubhouse changing and social facilities, the old RAF style is now being done away with to to herald the dawn of a new era at this progressive club.


Ready, Set, Fire!

For the quirky, adventure sport loving souls, paintball centres in surrounding area are a must. Ministry of Paintball , Go Ballistic, and a local favourite Combat Paintball who offer comparable services for hours of paint balling adventures.


Need for Speed

Located barely 20 minutes away just of the A11is Wild Tracks activity park which offers an exhilarating outdoor karting experience and quad biking adventure trails.