Welcome to Hockwold Hall



As a friendly family venue, it is recommended you respect the privacy of the people around you and that you bring the following with you to the sauna:


  • Slippers or flip flops to only use in the sauna
  • Towels
  • Wear fresh underwear or a bathing suit.


– Hooks are located on the adjacent wall to hang your towels and items.





The basic rules of saunaing are: pleasure, relaxation and sweating. The aim of the instructions given below is to ensure that everybody gets the best out of saunaing.

Our Sauna / Hot tub facilities are cleaned prior to every use.


  • Shower thoroughly before entering the sauna. This will moisten the skin and remove various smells or fragrances from our body that do not belong in the sauna. Peeling is also recommended to remove the dead parts of the skin.


  • Remove all cosmetic products from your skin (especially self-tanner) and jewellery.


  • Prepare fresh underwear or bathing suit.


  • Wipe well, since the body must be completely dry when you enter the sauna; this will help it start sweating immediately.


  • When you enter the sauna, use the towel to cover the place where you intend to sit or be in contact with the wooden benches. The same goes for feet, legs, arms and head.


  • It is recommended to first enter a sauna with lower temperatures or sit on a lower bench as the air can be very dry. You can increase humidity by pouring some water on the red-hot stones using the budget and wood ladle.


  • Be as still as possible in the sauna. Breathe normally and relax.





There are no general rules on how long one should stay in the sauna or how many times one should warm up and cool down. The time of warming up depends on the temperature, humidity and each individual. Always listen to your body and sauna so that you feel as good as possible. The beginners should only stay in the sauna as long as they feel comfortable, even if this is only for a couple of minutes.


  • Beginners should not stay for more than 10 to 12 minutes upon your first entry. There is an hourglass on the wall to help you estimate the time. If you visit saunas only occasionally, avoid the higher benches. The lower bench is the most appropriate.


  • Once you are warm enough, leave the sauna and cool down slowly by simply sitting in the open air. It is especially important that the head is cooled slowly.


  • When entering the sauna for the second time, the air should be more humid than the first time. The skin has softened in the heat and the blood circulation has been accelerated. Cooldown again.


  • The alternating bath cycle (warming and cooling) can be repeated as many times as it suits you. Most of the people find two cycles quite enough. In the last cycle, select a sauna with lower temperature.


  • Exit the sauna should you feel sick, dizzy or if you are injured.


  • Never enter a sauna alone, it is best to go in pairs or more.


  • At the end, freshen up under the shower and then have a relaxing massage bath in the hot tub whirlpool. Dry up and rest. It is recommended that you rest lying down or half-sitting for at least 10 to 15 minutes.


  • Have a refreshing drink. It is recommended that you drink more water before and after saunaing.


  • After saunaing, the skin is ideally prepared for the rejuvenating, detoxicating and relaxing treatment. Make sure you are not cold, as the body is extremely sensitive after saunaing.


  • Leave the sauna and the changing area tidy.




* Glass items are not to be used in or near the Hot Tub / Sauna area for your safety.