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Here Comes the Ride!

Your wedding will be a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Have peace of mind knowing your family and friends who have traveled to celebrate with you can enjoy themselves without the worry of driving after the party. The central location of Hockwold Hall makes it an ideal wedding venue for couples from Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire. This leaves plenty of options for your guests to hire taxis. Check out a few below!

Bob’s Taxi, Minibus, and Courier 01842 828 471

Border Cars 01842 814 488
Carters Brandon Cars 01842 811 430
Midnight Cars (6 seater) 01842 810 882
Weeting Cars 01842 810 436
Brandon Taxis 07506 983 514

M&L 01638 712 261

21st Century 01842 764 576
A2B Taxis 01842 755 222
A1 Taxis 01842 766 666

Be sure to book in advance! Most of the weddings here at Hockwold Hall end around midnight, so your guests can celebrate all night, knowing they have a safe and reliable ride home.

Did you know?
-The first taxi licenses were given in 1639, nearly three centuries before the first motorised taxis appeared in London in 1908.
-The name taxi is short for taximeter, a device used to measure either distance or time.
-London taxi manufacturers originally made the vehicles tall enough so a man wearing a bowler hat could easily fit inside.
-There are currently over 285,000 licensed taxis and private hire vehicles in England.