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2018 Wedding Trends

In case you haven’t heard, it is now 2018. Yes, the fateful New Years Day was over a month ago now, but everyone knows February to be the official “unofficial” start of the New Year. In this way we’re given the allotted month of January to fully comprehend it, actually commencing our grand plans for the new year (the ones that we assured ourselves would begin the clock struck midnight a month ago). Yet, January hasn’t been completely void of productivity; bridal season never rests. A months worth of collaborating with the leading wedding planners and bridal experts throughout the UK have led to some key insight into this years 2018 bridal trends — we’re elated to share them with you. The predominant few that we’ve noticed:


Everyone is Talking about Violet Hues


Pantone made its debut on the bridal scene years ago, but the brand’s new colour, Ultra Violet, rivals any shade they’ve previously produced. Now named the “colour of the year” for 2018, Ultra Violet exudes a sumptuous, layered texture that is reminiscent of aristocracy. However, its natural colour, perfectly aligning with that of many floral arrangements, makes it versatile for the wedding venue. Lending a touch of luxury to perennial charm, Ultra Violet can be applied to so many area of your wedding outside of floral arrangements. Add a pop of colour to wedding invitations inscriptions or a lattice design on your cake; pair ultra violet with it’s most attractive partner: white, by adorning your bridesmaids with it; add a touch of colour to the bride-to-be’s ensemble with an ultra violet hued shoe of choice — the possibilities are endless. Hockwold Hall is especially fond of this hue as it is the estates official colour, exuding the decadence and heraldry of the hall’s former glory in it’s varied hue. Ultra Violet’s allure is in it’s timelessness.


Brides are Adding Touches of Boho Flair


Whether or not you are committed to a full-on Bohemian style wedding, or are simply drawn towards subtle hints of rustic-boho style adornments spotted throughout your venue, there are no shortage of outlets from which you can draw inspiration. From braided hair designs, to recycled mason jar centerpieces, Boho is back. For an easy way to achieve this touch of Boho-chique, consider the bell jar. No, not the novel by Sylvia Plath — the actual transparent glass component that, when filled with holly leaves or foliage of choice, is a stunning spectacle when placed on any surface. Too much of a statement for your intended design scheme? Turn to the bride herself. Adding twists of braids to the hair, or styling it in a long wavy, salt sprayed fashion are easy ways to add that touch of bohemian elegance to any wedding. If you already have a strict hair-design regime in place, going with a more loosely fitting gown or free-falling accessory effortlessly achieves the very essence of the Bohemian.


The Cape is the New Veil


This brings us to our next trend of 2018: the cape. Surprised? We understand. Resistant to the idea? You really shouldn’t be. Just take a look at photos of Solanges Knowles in a vintage inspired, slithe cape that effortlessly cascades from her shoulders, along the length of her back, until meeting the floor. It is no wonder that wedding capes have been named Spring 2018’s style to watch. While the cape is best complemented with the lithe shape of the stream-lined slip dress, many brides choose to offset the simplicity with a lavish  hairstyle, or statement jewelry. Regardless of what you choose to pair it with, the classic elegance of the cape will uphold the entirety of the ensemble.


The Wedding Venue is Now an Outlet for Self-Expression


Gone are the days the pre-designed, generic venue spaces often offered by upscale restaurants or hotels . Today, spaces such as barns or warehouses, that have large enough capacity are ideal potential candidates for you to implement your dream venue vision. When it comes to the wedding venue, the more unorthodox the space, the better. One trend seems to be particularly popular: transforming industrial spaces. It is no wonder that Industrialized architecture is now a 2018 trend — the stark surfaces, utilitarian structure, and clean-cut geometry make for the ideal blank canvas from which any wedding vision can be applied. Perhaps its the fact that industrialized spaces comply so well with white hues intrinsic to the wedding, or maybe it’s the unique aesthetic resulting from the confluence of the industrial with Bohemian pieces, but the industrial space has never been a more popular choice for wedding events.