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Guide to wedding venue flowers by Jades flower design

Part 2: The Venue


CEREMONY & VENUE DETAILS:  If couples already know their ceremony and venue details, your florist will be able to make suggestions for appropriate designs, although this can all be confirmed at a later date. Each type of venue offers unique opportunities and experience allows her to adorn these locations to maximise their full beauty.

In terms of venue decoration this is where Beverley at Jades Flower Designs uses her experience of dressing London Hotels such as the Four Seasons in Park Lane, to suggest beautiful centrepieces and installations that can create a look that is simply unforgettable.  When installing unusual designs such as hanging florals, garlands, or floral chandeliers, Beverley works closely with venues to ensure that that she works within their guidelines and preferences.

We have included some information on dressing different types of venues:


  • Ceremony Spaces

One trend that we hope is here to stay, is the focus that is placed on dressing the aisle and ceremony space.  The view that a bride (or groom) receives when their guests are sitting awaiting their arrival, with their partner anxiously waiting at the end of the aisle, is one that they will never forget and it is important to make this moment as magical as possible.

Flowers for a church wedding ceremony in Norfolk


  • Marquees

Marquees are extremely versatile and allows Beverley and her team to do what they do best – create unforgettable weddings!  They are truly amazing spaces that always excite her – as designers they offer so many opportunities.

Couples have a unique opportunity in a marquee to create a huge impact by dressing the ceiling.  It is a vast, neutral space that presents a myriad of possibilities.  In the photograph below, Beverley suspended silk flowers from the central pole, which created a jaw dropping effect that wowed guests all day.

Photograph by Jasmine Jade Photography

Wedding Marquee with flowers from Jades flower design


  • Country Houses:

Country Houses and Stately Homes suit elegant arrangements that reflect the formal setting. They often also have high ceilings that can accommodate sophisticated, dramatic designs such as tall candelabras, twisted stems and urns.

They also often have a multitude of stunning features that can be adorned with beautiful arrangements.

Flowers in a Country House in Norfolk