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PERSONAL STYLE: Before their first floral meeting, it is helpful for couples to collect images that they are inspired by and this forms the creative starting point.  The florist will review the images collected and gain inspiration from the portfolio of work.  From the feedback, talented florists will use their experience and knowledge to suggest bespoke creations that meet the vision, and exceed expectations. Beverley from

Part 2: The Venue   CEREMONY & VENUE DETAILS:  If couples already know their ceremony and venue details, your florist will be able to make suggestions for appropriate designs, although this can all be confirmed at a later date. Each type of venue offers unique opportunities and experience allows her to adorn these locations to maximise their full beauty. In terms of venue decoration this is where Beverley

  Part 1: The dress For many couples choosing wedding flowers can be a daunting task.  Couples are flooded with images on social media of beautiful floral trends, each one as gorgeous as the last, so deciding on their final floral style can seem simply impossible. This is when collaborating closely with an experienced florist such as Beverley Nichols from Jades Flower Design is an absolute must, in

Nothing says wedding speech disaster more than the long, pregnant pause that follows the misinterpreted inside joke; or, worst of all, the subtly imbued sexual innuendo that was not so subtle after-all when received by the bride's Granny -- just one of the unfortunate victims to the failed wedding speech amidst the sea of uncomfortable listeners. Please, for the sake of other wedding guests, do