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Hockwold Hall: Christenings and Naming ceremonies in Norfolk

Naming Ceremony: Welcoming a new member to your family

Hockwold Hall hosts an array of events focused on celebrating families, from Mothers day luncheons, Fathers day BBQ’s, Easter Egg Hunts and Christenings and Naming Ceremonies. 

Naming ceremonies are growing in popularity as it is an alternative to a baptism or religious ceremony. It celebrates and welcomes a child to the family, and invites relatives and friends to pledge their support. Couples who have adopted a child into their family or are married couple may consider this ceremony to combine the step-siblings bringing everyone together as a new family unit.

Theses ceremonies can be held at a registration office or held at other approved venues for marriages. The location is always inspected beforehand to ensure it is suitable.

The naming ceremony can take place at most times during most days, simply check with the registration office or your venue when they can best accommodate you.

What happens in the ceremony?

A booklet will be provided to the parents when they book the naming ceremony. This contains information and choices of words used for the welcome, promises made, and a guide to suggested readings. Some couples include why their child has been given that name; a name passed down from generations or perhaps there is a unique and lovely story or symbology behind their chosen name.

Parents and godparents make public promises or pledges to the child, loving and supporting them- similar to the role of godparents, but in this instance, they are referred to as ‘guiding parents’.

The guiding parents are not in the same position to make promises as the parents and grandparents; the guiding parents help to ‘guide the child through life’.

In some circumstances, the guiding parents may not be able to attend physically, and be added to the ceremony via Skype video or conference call and their pledges were made in that fashion.

An array of afternoon tea or dining options is available with a bar staff to provide both virgin and alcoholic options for your guests. Most families will host their celebration in the afternoon, averaging 3 hours.

Whatever your special day may be, Hockwold Hall welcomes your family with open arms.