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Wedding Venue Catering in Norfolk: Set Menu vs Buffet

For the Love of Food


Much consideration should be made to catering, as your wedding guests will be spending most of their evening at your wedding breakfast dining, drinking and dancing the night away.


Start with selecting your venue, what style is it, during what season will your wedding be held, what is your theme, how many guests, will it be formal or casual event, then work in these elements into the style of wedding catering that will best reflect your special day!


Some couples prefer to stay within the caterers or venues ‘set menu’ recommendations while other couples are more playful and create a bespoke menu. Which ever route you chose, remember you are feeding a variety of guests so be sure to ask about any dietary restrictions/allergies well in advance to ensure those guests are well tended to. Caterers will start with your likes and dislikes first and then work with you to build as simple ‘base menu’ and then work in those ‘special touches’. Arrange for a menu tasting with your caterer or your venues’ chef to try a few options before committing to the final meal selection.


It is YOUR day, make your choices personal so they reflect you as a couple as that is what matters most. Always remember to have fun with it!


Traditional Wedding Breakfast

Still considered the most popular option, the traditional route usually consisting of meat and two veg option. (For your vegetarian guests an alternative meal option can be served.) Your venue or caterer can also create a menu around ingredients that are in season and locally sourced.


Buffet Style

Often the most cost effective catering solution, you can offer a variety of options and provide more food for your budget. Some couples integrate their personalities and favourite cultural cuisines like Indian or Chinese buffet, alternatively couples can theme your whole day around the menu style for instance with a beach theme work in seafood or paella, for an Italian themed rustic bread with dip and olives, cold meats, cheeses, and oven baked artisanal pizzas.


Afternoon Tea or Pic Nic Style

Fancy a tea party instead? Offer your wedding guests mini sandwich samples served on three tier stands, with exquisite cakes and scones and other savoury nibbles complete with the vintage mismatched china and of course lots of tea! Another idea is hosting a casual picnic style with fabric draped hay bales. Rain or shine both ideas can be held indoors or out.


Mini meals

If you like it ‘tiny’, providing a variety of mini meals such as mini burgers, mini fish and chips in a cone, instead of your traditional meal or something fun to consider for your evening guests. Maybe a candy cart, mini popcorn bags, mini cupcakes/eclairs, or mini candy floss?


Hog Roast or Gourmet Barbecue

A more laid back solution is the Hog roast or Barbeques, both becoming increasingly more popular. Some companies offer vegetarian and vegan-friendly alternatives as well! Your mains are served with a variety of salads, coleslaw or other side dish ideas such as corn on the cob.


Ice Cream Van, Hot Chocolate Van

To satisfy the child in all of us, gourmet ice cream and ice lollies can substitute for desert or be an extra something special for your guests on a lovely summers day. Alternatively for autumn and winter wedding, having a hot chocolate van and chocolate fountain combination will warm up your guests and bring child-like smiles to their faces.