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Wedding Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Couples do not often consider the plausible implications of executing a wedding. And, yet, in the chance that the cake does not arrive or your venue must make a last minute cancellation, it is best to be prepared. Just like car insurance, health insurance and life insurance, wedding insurance is sometimes a necessary investment for securing peace of mind.


Before you race to your nearest insurance company in a frenzied panic, first, establish whether or not wedding insurance is necessary for you. This decision depends highly on how much you are spending on your wedding and whether or not you believe you can establish an inner assurance without the added backup of wedding insurance. Because, ultimately, that is what purchasing wedding insurance grants:  peace of mind.


How much you want covered depends on how much you are willing to spend. For example, Debenhams offers flexible options with prices ranging from £39 (this covers any cancellations up to £5,000), to £199 (covering cancellations up to £50,000). Most policies standardly cover the cancellations or deferment of a wedding venue, any sickness or injury that prevents anyone of the main wedding family from going through with the wedding, or if any supplier or company hired for your wedding should go out of business. It also covers damage loss — ranging from the dress, the vehicle of transport, or, generally, any other goods involved that are essential to the functioning of the wedding. Of course, if you would like to further extend your coverage, most insurance agencies have options that offer coverage extensions. This can range from adding extra provisions to your wedding venue, to extending coverage to make your overseas wedding feasible.


Choosing a policy is personal decision — it depends mostly on how much you want covered and how much your are willing to pay for this coverage. The best way to estimate this is to simply add up all of the costs for each item or service in your wedding and decide whether you would like to pay as little as £30 or as much as £200 for the gratification that wedding insurance may bring you. If the worst does happen, reclaiming your insurance is an simple as calling your insurance company within 31 days of the said incident’s occurrence.


Whether or not you decide to insure, we hope your wedding day and all the planning that acclimates to the event entails as little stress as possible. Because a wedding should never feel like a  liability.


Written by: Meghan E. Ingraham