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To Theme or Not to Theme…

        Wedding themes are, at their core, subjective. Either you relish in the eccentricity and unique challenge that having a themed wedding entails, or you will settle for nothing less than the traditional simplicity and elegance that is best achieved sans theme. Whether or not you are a wedding “themer” or are considering converting, here is a sampling of successfully executed wedding events that have been nothing less than spectacular.

The Harry Potter Wedding


All fares of the wizardly world will relish in this truly magical venue. Richard and Selica Lee, the owners of Hockwold Hall themselves, executed their own Harry Potter wedding venue requiring that every guest arrive in character.

The Vintage Wedding

Care to play Gatsby and Daisy for your special day? Or, revel in the refined fashion of the Edwardian era? If so, a vintage wedding is the only venue for those craving their historical idealizations to be actualized.

The Bohemian Wedding

For those who want to add a boho flare and whimsical charm to their big day, a  Bohemian wedding may be the perfect route to take. Embrace your inner hippie and get in touch with the exquisite elements of nature that will make your wedding day one for the books. A Bohemian wedding may also be the perfect outlet to explore eco-friendly alternatives.

The Winter Wonderland Wedding

Nothing compliments the radiance of one’s wedding dress quite like the frosted glean of snow covered tree branches or the glint off a  shimmering snowflake. Embrace your winter wedding date by exaggerating the beauty that is inherent in nature during its coldest months.

The Alice and Wonderland Wedding


Synthesize the visually alluring concepts  of Lewis Carrol’s enchanted world with an Alice and Wonderland Wedding. For those seeking a quirky and truly original theme, this one is magic actualized.

Written by: Megan E. Ingraham