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Only 2 Days to go until the Hockwold Hall Wedding Fayre on Sunday January 29th. 11AM-4PM.   Listed below are a few FAQ's to help you make the most of your time with us. We look forward to hosting you! I am having difficulty registering online or printing my e-ticket: This is not a problem, event staff will be on site to help you. Do all the members of my group need to

A Day Trip Guide to Thetford forest and surrounding areas near Brandon and Hockwold   For those seeking a countryside escape, Hockwold Hall offers the epitome of pastoral tranquility merged with the regal elegance  of the Victorian estate. However, if Hockwold’s charms begin to lack the adventure you crave, there are a plethora of activities waiting just outside it’s walls. From the nature loving, adventure sport enthusiasts

Why Environmental Integrity is Now a Wedding Essential   The elaborate flower arrangements adorning each table, the golden sheen of ring clad finger, the one-hundred plus guests eating decadent, meat filled pastries in a meticulously arranged venue and the cars used to get them there -- all essentials of a wedding that share one defining feature: they all wreak havoc on the environment. With wedding budgets escalating

The Puzzle of the Pillow: Finding Quality Accommodation for your Guests The only task more daunting than squeezing into your empire gown on the morning of your big day is attempting to cram your 200 plus guests into accommodation that holds 20. Like the ravishing results of donning your wedding dress, the accomplishment of a successful accommodation assemblage is essential for ensuring your peace of mind and,

In today’s fast-paced, technologically driven world, sometimes even those who are adamant against engaging in the social network buzz may find it beneficial to consider social media platforms for sources of wedding inspiration. No other social media platform offers more creativity and range of expression than that of Instagram. With more and more artists, writers and photographers using it as an outlet for publicity and

Ah, the wedding dress. For most women this is the by far the most critical aspect of the wedding event and, outside of the fortunate few who have no trouble selecting their dream ensemble, it can be quite a baffling task. To make selecting your perfect garment a bit easier we’ve creating a brief guide on finding a wedding dress that makes you feel as

  Whether you are jet-setting across sea immediately after “I Do,” or planning a quiet weekend retreat closer to home, perhaps in the countryside, deciding on the honeymoon location is almost always the most exciting aspect of planning your wedding. If you are feeling at a loss for ideas, here are some exquisite locations that have had reputable reviews from all newlyweds that have chosen to

Couples do not often consider the plausible implications of executing a wedding. And, yet, in the chance that the cake does not arrive or your venue must make a last minute cancellation, it is best to be prepared. Just like car insurance, health insurance and life insurance, wedding insurance is sometimes a necessary investment for securing peace of mind.   Before you race to your

        Wedding themes are, at their core, subjective. Either you relish in the eccentricity and unique challenge that having a themed wedding entails, or you will settle for nothing less than the traditional simplicity and elegance that is best achieved sans theme. Whether or not you are a wedding “themer” or are considering converting, here is a sampling of successfully executed wedding events that have

You’ve finally managed to work your way into your wedding dress or tux, pull your hair into a style that resonates none less than perfect, and both bride and groom are impeccably poised for the day ahead. Now, comes the question of the means of arrival -- a proceeding that cannot be any less impressive than the bride and groom themselves. The vehicle of transporting