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Flower Seasons

When choosing your wedding flowers and colours, it is worth talking to your professional florist about what flowers are in season on the month of your Wedding Day,
You may find your initial estimate becomes higher than expected when having to source an out of season flower as they are not easily available.

If you are working on a tight budget, give your florist an idea of colours, themes and ask them to come up with a flower plan to suit your vision, without having to pay out big.

A talented florist will be able to create a work of art whatever the season !

Don’t panic if you can’t source your ideal wedding colour in a flower.  Remember an added features of ribbon, buttons, fruit and other accessories can easily bring your theme colour into your bouquet or table centre pieces without having to break the bank.

Not hiring a florist:  For the DIY brides, there are many forums that give you an idea of what flowers are available each season, to help give you an idea of styles and colours.

Supermarkets and local markets are all great ways to start researching what blooms are available around the time of your wedding. Take inspiration from their bouquet selection to see which flowers work with each other and what leaves and other flowers work as a good filler.

Speak to the fresh flower sellers at your local market, to see if they can help source a certain flower in time for your big day. They should have a good understanding as to what is in season and available and advise you on what they can easily source within your budget.

Discuss if you should pick up the flowers a couple of days before the wedding to allow flowers to bloom which gives the best impact of colour and smells,  or you can request a section of open flowers and buds for collection the day before to ensure you don’t only have buds on the day.

Check with the venue about scheduling a time for delivering the flowers. If you decide to do these the day before, check what lighting and water the flowers have. One venue covered my friends flowers with dust sheets the night before as the venue was a barn. The dark lighting and covering sheet prevented the flowers from standing and the tulips had drooped on the day. Ideally prepare the flowers at home and get someone to transport and set them up in the morning . Family members, bridesmaids and friends are happy to help !