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Time To Tackle The Table Plan

Table Plans- one thing that our amazon partner Heritage Laser Engraving can check off your to-do list and have ready and waiting for you at the venue!

Assigning tables for every guest at your wedding can seem daunting, but here is our pro-tip: Choose one afternoon, grab a bottle of bubbly, sit down with your significant other and start writing! It will make both your planning and wedding day so much smoother- we promise. Still a little skeptical? Check out some reasons why below!

1. First and foremost, it quickens the pace and allows guests to get seated quickly. The faster they sit, the faster they eat, the faster the party gets started!

2. Seating charts allow you to customize your menu, making your guests feel taken care of. For example, just assign the table, tell your caterer you have 2 vegans at Table One, and voila! No worries for the guests and no worries for you. 

3. Table plans eliminate the drama of who sits with who and where they are seated. Place couples at the same table, and exes and crazy cousins far, far away from each other and on your wedding day, there will be no confusion.

If you are ready to start tackling the table plan, email heritagelaserengraving@gmail.com today to get started!